Two Johnston Sisters Die on Same Day [Updated]

Two sisters, both of Johnston, SC, died Wednesday, Jan. 15, but at different times and both of undetermined causes.  According to the Johnston Police Department and the Edgefield County Coroner’s Office, Trina Felder and Willette Johnson each had health issues and medical conditions that may have contributed to their deaths.  An autopsy has been performed on each of the women and officials are awaiting those results before a ruling is made regarding these deaths.

According to Johnston Police Chief Chris Aston, his department is using “caution” investigating these deaths, but he said there are no indications that foul play was involved.  Additionally, Chief Aston said the home was “thoroughly” checked and carbon monoxide poisoning has been ruled out as a cause.

Trina Felder, 36, of Ridge Road, was taken to University Hospital in Augusta, GA, Tuesday night where she later died Wednesday morning.  She had given birth three weeks ago, and her baby is reported to be fine.  Her sister, Willette Johnson, 49, was taken to Edgefield Hospital Wednesday afternoon where she was pronounced dead a little after five o’clock.  Both women were at the home of Ms. Felder when they fell ill.

As this is a developing story, The Advertiser will continue to follow it and make updates as they become available.

Update 1-20-14:

The bodies of both women were autopsied, and according to the Edgefield County Coroner’s Office, with whom The Advertiser spoke Monday morning. Those results showed that Ms. Johnson died of heart related issues.  Her death has been ruled due to natural causes.  A ruling on Mrs. Felder death has not been made yet as more studies, including toxicology, are still pending.  The Advertiser will continue to follow this story and report the findings of this autopsy when they are received.



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