Two Johnston Sisters Die on Same Day [Updated]

Two sisters, both of Johnston, SC, died Wednesday, Jan. 15, but at different times and both of undetermined causes.  According to the Johnston Police Department and the Edgefield County Coroner’s Office, Trina Felder and Willette Johnson each had health issues and medical conditions that may have contributed to their deaths.  An autopsy has been performed on each of the women and officials are awaiting those results before a ruling is made regarding these deaths.

According to Johnston Police Chief Chris Aston, his department is using “caution” investigating these deaths, but he said there are no indications that foul play was involved.  Additionally, Chief Aston said the home was “thoroughly” checked and carbon monoxide poisoning has been ruled out as a cause.

Trina Felder, 36, of Ridge Road, was taken to University Hospital in Augusta, GA, Tuesday night where she later died Wednesday morning.  She had given birth three weeks ago, and her baby is reported to be fine.  Her sister, Willette Johnson, 49, was taken to Edgefield Hospital Wednesday afternoon where she was pronounced dead a little after five o’clock.  Both women were at the home of Ms. Felder when they fell ill.

As this is a developing story, The Advertiser will continue to follow it and make updates as they become available.

Update 1-20-14:

The bodies of both women were autopsied, and according to the Edgefield County Coroner’s Office, with whom The Advertiser spoke Monday morning. Those results showed that Ms. Johnson died of heart related issues.  Her death has been ruled due to natural causes.  A ruling on Mrs. Felder death has not been made yet as more studies, including toxicology, are still pending.  The Advertiser will continue to follow this story and report the findings of this autopsy when they are received.



2 Responses to "Two Johnston Sisters Die on Same Day [Updated]"

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  2. Carl   January 17, 2014 at 4:33 pm

    This is a very sad day for any family as a double tragedy is unusual but God always holds the key. I knew Willette from a distance and we shared many conversations and laughs about life. She was a good mother and always expressed her love and the sincere pride she had in her sons. She was always excited about seeing them play in games, especially when it came it to football. Willette was a God fearing woman who loved the Lord and loved to sing and guide young lives to live in the light of the lord and to enjoy the day. She called me the morning on the passing of her little sister, and I offered my condolences and sympathy as I know how difficult it can be when you lose a family member as I lost my younger brother last year. We spoke briefly as others were stopping by to offer there support and comfort. Later that evening when I left the office, I called to check on her and I didn’t get a response which was not surprising considering the events of the day. I drove home and noticed that I had received a text that informed me that she had departed this life and was no longer here on this earth. I did not respond to the text as I was in a state of shock. How could this be true? How could a woman of so much life and energy be gone? I know in my heart that she is in a better place and will no longer need to struggle or worry, but it does not make it any easier for those of us who are left here to ask and wonder why as we grieve. I have always been taught that God never puts more on us than we can bear, so this is a burden that we must bear. As you grieve please remember the good times as I will surely miss our talks and the sound of her laughter that could fill any room with joy. If there is anything that the family needs I will assist as much as possible. May Good Bless the family in this time of need, and you all are in my prayers. “We are confident, yes, well pleased rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord.”