CPAC 2014: Taking Back America


G-Miller-Thompson-2 – By G. Miller Thompson –

Last weekend I had the privilege of joining thousands of Americans at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland.  CPAC is the conservative’s paradise.  The conference lasted from Thursday morning to Saturday evening and the main stage hosted every big name conservative you can think of.  More than thirty men and women spoke, but their message was rather uniform:  hope that conservatism will again take America.

We have spent the past five years dealing with a power hungry President whose motives, however well intentioned he may believe they are, are damaging our nation.  We have watched as the national debt exploded and each of the President’s budget proposals have exceeded annual revenue.  We have watched as the President usurped Congress’ authority; and we have watched as the President disregards government corruption.  We have watched for long enough.  This was the message that echoed through the halls of the Gaylord National Convention Center last weekend.

Speakers highlighted big hopes for the upcoming 2014 election.  With 35 Senate seats and 36 governor’s chairs up for grabs, tensions run high to gain a majority in both houses of Congress and in Governors’ Mansions across the nation.  When you think about it, conservatism just makes sense.

The left has perfected their game of demonizing conservatives by holding hostage minorities.  Led by President Obama, the left has deployed a divide and conquer strategy pitting those with wealth against working America.  See, conservatives believe in the integrity of work.  Liberals believe in the power of government.  Conservatives believe that individuals have the potential to succeed on their own.  Liberals believe that individuals can succeed only when they have had something to do with it.  After all, if you have accomplished something, “you didn’t build that.”

The bottom line is, conservatism believes in the power of people.  It teaches responsibility and accountability.  It rewards hard work and breeds success.  It defines the American Dream.

Call me crazy, but the speakers at CPAC were right.  Conservatism will be responsible for the regrowth of the America students read of in history books.  The future looks bright for America as citizens begin to wake up and realize that government is not the answer to our problems.  As Sarah Palin put it in her keynote address, “This is a great awakening, The Age of Obama is almost over – the end of an error.”

2014 is a year of significant opportunity.  This November, history will be made.  My sincere hope is that American’s elect fiscally responsible representatives with common sense.  I am concerned about the America my generation and our children will inherit.  CPAC offered hope; hope that our nation will again be prosperous and foster an environment in which debt does not consume our lives.

Sarah Palin spoofed Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham in her presentation, and I will leave you with her wise words.  “I do not like this Uncle Sam.  I do not like this health care scam.  I do not like these dirty crooks or how they lie and cook the books.  I do not like when Congress steals.  I do not like their crony deals.  I do not like this spying man.  I do not like ‘Oh yes we can.’  I do not like this spending spree, we’re smart, we know there’s nothing free.  I do not like reporter’s smug replies when I complain about their lies.  I do not like this kind of hope, and we won’t take it, nope, nope, nope.”

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One Response to "CPAC 2014: Taking Back America"

  1. Kitty Corbett   March 16, 2014 at 6:15 pm

    Mr. Thompson writes as quite a mature American. Can that youthful image appearing alongside his letter really be him? If so that’s the most encouraging sign I’ve seen that American can be returned to sane governance. If the youth of this country realize what a mess the liberals would have them inherit, and act to prevent it by lawfully agitating against it in word and deed, we could have a prosperous Constitutional republic again in my lifetime. God be with him.