Trenton Council Turns Square’s Maintenance Over to TCDA

Trenton Council Turns Square’s Maintenance Over to TCDA

– By Tiffani Ireland –

The Trenton Town Council voted unanimously to turn maintenance of the town square over to the Trenton Community Development Association at their regularly scheduled monthly meeting, Wednesday, June 11.  The TCDA has offered to be responsible for the square’s upkeep at no cost to the town, except possible water charges which the town already pays.

Town Administrator Roger LeDuc presented Council with information gathered on standards regarding physicals for firemen.  This has been an ongoing topic of discussion for Council.  He advised that the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends yearly physicals for  firemen over the age of 40 and physicals every other year for those under 40.  However, the agency does not recommend any physicals for what are called exterior firemen; those not actually gearing up and entering the fire.  In his research on the subject, LeDuc said he did find some fire departments that did not do any physicals on their firemen.  Currently Trenton does physicals on its firemen every 18 months but has no set policy in regards to this.  LeDuc advised he can draft a policy if Council so wishes.

In other business, Council gave unanimous approval to a Victim’s Advocate Agreement with Edgefield County.  They also voted as one to take out an ad in Strom Thurmond’s football program, calling the school “our high school for the town.”

Before adjourning, Administrator LeDuc advised Council that their appeal for money from the Municipal Association for the purchase of airbags for the fire department had been approved, but the town will not be receiving the money because it was later determined that the town is not a member of the proper program which would enable them to receive these funds.  However, LeDuc did say the town received a rebate from the association this year in the amount of $4,000.  With no further business to discuss, Council adjourned.


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