War on Women Exposed


G-Miller-Thompson-2 – By G. Miller Thompson –

Brace yourselves. I am probably about to step on some toes and injure some pride. Ladies and gentlemen, the Left is at it again and I am calling them out. President Obama has repeatedly called the tragedy in Benghazi, the Operation Fast and Furious fiasco, the shameful situation at the IRS, the NSA snooping debacle, and the “if you like your plan you can keep your plan” talking points “phony scandals.” He has relentlessly blamed Republicans in Congress and conservatives in general for his failures in office. Our President thinks that he is untouchable; nothing bad could possibly be his fault.

Time and again the Left has lambasted Republicans for their positions on each of the issues I listed, calling them “witch hunts” and “politically motivated.” You may decide on your own the intent behind each of these cases, but today we are discussing the blatant hypocrisy we are seeing from many on the Left, President Obama included. Specifically, I am talking about the so-called war on women.

Last week the Supreme Court issued a ruling in which it sided with the Hobby Lobby Corporation saying that the government cannot compel family-owned businesses to sponsor 4 contraceptive methods that are used post-conception that many view as causing abortion. Rather than being truthful in regard to the Court’s opinion, the Left is tripping over its proverbial feet to shame the Court and those who support the ruling. The decision was handed down a week and a half ago and the Left immediately went on the offensive making false claims that Hobby Lobby was taking away the “right” of its female employees to have contraception provided in their health benefits.

While this case was about religious freedom, this outrage centers around this alleged war on women by conservatives. The President has called investigations into his questionable activity as “phony scandals.” Well, I am going to take a page out of his book and call this a “phony” war.

Now, before someone labels me as some woman hater, allow me to explain my stance. I call this a phony war because, from where I sit, it appears to simply be an act. The equal pay argument has been inserted, but the primary reason liberals say Republicans are waging war is for their pro-life message. (Regarding equal pay, Congress passed the Equal Pay Act of 2009, which was lauded as the Democrats’ solution to the so-called pay gap between men and women. In fact, the Act does little to ensure equal pay. Rather, it addresses what is proper ground for a lawsuit against a company engaging in pay discrimination.) What liberals engaging in this rhetoric fail to recognize is that women are not single-issue voters, no matter how hard they try to make it that way. The lack of jobs in this nation hurts women as much as men. The bloated tax code hurts women as much as men. The red tape and government regulations on small businesses hurt women as much as men. These issues are of concern for everyone, regardless of gender.

By boasting these war talking points, the Left is degrading women, not lifting them up. It is appalling. It is not anything new, however. President Obama successfully utilized a playing with emotions sort of scheme in both of his election runs. According to a recent Quinnipiac University poll, President Obama is the worst president the country has seen since World War II. His policies have failed and he should not have been reelected. He was successful because he avoided talk of policy and went straight to appeasing voters’ emotional sides. The war on women is a perfect example of such a practice.

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