Husband and Wife and “Baby” Makes Three

Husband and Wife and “Baby” Makes Three

coupleEnjoying a New Marriage and Retirement

After a number of marriages each, this couple has found a life together that keeps them busy and learning. They travel a great deal.

They are Tony and Shirley Kripps and they were married in October 2013. A notice was published in this newspaper. Two hobbies keep them moving: attending races and caring for a Cabbage Patch Doll they “adopted” on one of their travels. Yes, a doll that, when they are traveling, they buy things for – clothes mostly. They stopped in the Tony Stewart Store in Indianapolis to find a leather coat “for the baby.” They also check out used clothing places.

Now the baby is not “real” to them as one might think. Tony says it is not like the story he told next. He was doing night security work at a motel in the Aiken area some years ago, and a woman told him not to make noise; this was as she was closing the door quietly to her room. She said not to wake the baby. The baby was really a doll! He chuckles at such unreality and separates himself from that way of thinking.

And so the doll travels with them.

They have been most recently to Fort Lauderdale where they caught a boat to the Bahamas – a cruise no less. That was a special trip.

On October 15, 2014, they went on an anniversary trip. They started in Helen, Ga., which has special German Village atmosphere. Near there, in Cleveland, Ga., is where they happened upon the Cabbage Patch Hospital where they found their “baby.” She was already named “Anne Leigh,” (the name she kept) and in this “hospital” is where one finds a nursery, a room for “birthings,” and a place to adopt such a creature. “Kids are there as well,” and they can find furniture and clothes for the dolls.

With that baby, the shopping for her began. They headed out for Indianapolis and found racing stores, as well as the races. They had been to the track there – nothing new for them. On this trip they continued to Niagara Falls (thus the photos one sees here).

They did purchase a Tony Stewart hat for Tony, and headed on the Michigan to his family. It was a great-granddaughter’s birthday.

How did these two—this couple—meet? Well, they, like so many couples these days, met online and agreed to meet at the Lowe’s parking lot in Aiken. That was a secure place, just in case. . .

They together have buried 6 spouses, she four, he two. But life has not grown dreary for these two. The years are full of traveling and their hobbies. They have been to Pennsylvania to see her sisters so keeping up with family is important to them also.

Their next trip may be south to Disney World. Wherever it is, Anne Leigh will go, sporting her well-chosen outfits.


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