Meth Lab Raided on Penn Street

Meth Lab Raided on Penn Street

April, 2, 2015 – A rental home at 410 Penn Street was raided by the Edgefield Police Department early Wednesday morning around 12:30. According to Chief of Police Ronnie Carter, who spoke to The Advertiser later that day regarding the incident, the department had received information that the occupants of the home were making methamphetamine at the residence. When police officers entered the home, they did indeed find people in the process of manufacturing and using meth. Chief Carter said his officers immediately took control of the home and began a seven hour process of recovering evidence. The SC Law Enforcement Division (SLED) was called to the scene to decontaminate and ventilate the home. Officers from the Johnston Police Department also responded to the scene to lend assistance.

Two males and one female were arrested at the scene. Each are charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and with possession of methamphetamine. Additionally, in securing the home, stolen property, including electronics and clothing, was also recovered. Charges for the possession of these items are expected, but Chief Carter said it was unclear yet as to how many of the three arrested will face this additional charge.

This was the second time this home has been raided and occupants of the residence arrested for manufacturing methamphetamine. However, the three arrested in this raid are not the same tenants arrested in the previous incident.

The Edgefield Police Department is continuing to investigate this crime.


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