Edgefield County Hospital teams with Self Regional Healthcare

The Boards of Self Regional Healthcare and Edgefield County Hospital announced today that they have entered into an Affiliation Agreement that is designed to enhance and improve healthcare services available in Edgefield County collaboratively. The agreement will establish a long-term, collaborative relationship between the two hospitals that is focused on community health and patient care services.

“Our goal is to enhance the health care services provided at Edgefield County Hospital for the benefit of our local community,” said Carlos Milanes CEO of Edgefield County Hospital. “This agreement allow both organizations to work together to enhance the availability of primary care and specialty care physicians as well as other healthcare services to Edgefield County in a cost effective way,” Mr. Milanes said.

The Agreement formalizes the collaborative relationship between Self Regional Healthcare and Edgefield County Hospital to work together in providing care to the residents of Edgefield County. There is no change in ownership or control of either organization with each retaining its current Board and organizational makeup and responsibilities. The Agreement anticipates the organizations working together to enhance clinical services available in Edgefield County as well as providing the latest in primary care services and bringing specialty physician care to Edgefield County. The organizations also anticipate the sharing of performance data and best practices in which leaders from each facility can meet to exchange experiences and ideas that will better serve their respective communities. The partnership is expected to also create opportunities for future upgrades to the existing facilities, and the introduction of new technology and equipment to the residents of Edgefield County .

President and CEO of Self Regional Healthcare Jim Pfeiffer stated, “The challenges all organizations are facing in healthcare require that they each work more closely together than they have done in the past. We think this is the right model that will provide opportunities to enhance the care available in our communities and to insure that our local community-based missions are fulfilled into the future.”

“Community health and patient care is at the forefront of this project, and our aim is to strengthen and maintain each provider’s mission and vision as well as the health services available to residents in Edgefield County,” Mr. Pfeiffer said.


One Response to "Edgefield County Hospital teams with Self Regional Healthcare"

  1. Jerry   December 13, 2015 at 3:01 pm

    This begs the question: How does it affect the relationship to University Hospital, Augusta, Ga?