Don’t Just Remember the Dead – HONOR Them by Engaging in the Current War!

Don’t Just Remember the Dead – HONOR Them by Engaging in the Current War!

For much of my life, Memorial Day has reminded me of those who fought and died to preserve freedom in the generations of my parents, and grandparents. Growing up, most of the focus was on those who fought overseas in World Wars I and II, Korea and Viet Nam. We continue to honor these men and women, as well as those who died in all American Wars, including today’s global war on terrorism.

I’ve visited many Civil War Battlefields, to which many attribute the origin of a formal Memorial Day.  As Americans, except for terrorist attacks we’ve been blessed not to experience warfare on American soil for 151 years.  Warfare we can visibly see that is, warfare with casualties and gravesites with American Flags.

The reality is we are at war today: It is a war of ideas, where the enemies of our republic are philosophically diametrically opposed to the ideas espoused in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of our United States – our founding documents the hero’s we remember today swore to protect and defend.

These enemies of our republic today are not fighting with guns, cannons, aircraft or boats.  They are waging war through main stream media, social media, entertainment, and education systems. They fight with cool catch phrases and beautiful pictures.

Our republic’s enemies have infiltrated every aspect of our society and are gaining strategic footholds from which to strangle freedom’s last breath without firing a shot, while most Americans are complacent.

Rather than a Pearl Harbor or a 9-11 strategy that might awaken and call us to arms, it is a slow and gradual fade of our republic—and right now they are winning.

I could list hundreds of examples, but consider just the top.  The man in The People’s House, The White House, had a one word slogan for his 2012 re-election campaign: “Forward”.  Please read the Washington Times Article about the history of this slogan.  The history of this word is not tied to our founding.  Nor does it have roots in anything we celebrate to Memorial Day.

This Memorial Day weekend, we will remember those who have gone before and have quality time with our family.  That is right and fitting.  But it must go beyond that.  We must honor our dead by rising up to defend what they so nobly fought and died for, on our behalf.

Today the war is fought on many battle fronts, but it begins at the ballot box.  Unless more American Patriots begin engaging in the battlefield of elections, electing candidates who can articulate the true threats to our republic, our children will be memorializing more than just the dead who gave this generation our freedoms.  Failure to engage in the electoral process ensures future generations may be memorializing the republic itself and the ideals their ancestors fought and died for: life, liberty, property rights, individual responsibility, personal charity, the rule of law and justice – not justice where everyone is guaranteed equal results, but where everyone is guaranteed equal justice under the rule of law.

In our statewide primary on June 14th, do you know if your civil magistrates have primary challengers, and why or why not?  We owe it to those whose lives we celebrate this weekend to know – and to participate in the process.  For details, go to

Happy Memorial Day.  May God Bless you and your family.  May God continue to bless The United States of America.

Scott Cooper

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3 Responses to "Don’t Just Remember the Dead – HONOR Them by Engaging in the Current War!"

  1. Robert M. Scott   May 30, 2016 at 12:24 pm

    As a 30-year Navy veteran, I have seen actual war and engaged in combat ranging from attacking the enemy from small boats in the rivers of Vietnam to commanding large ships supporting the Gulf War. War is when you break things and kill people who disagree with you. The “current war” you describe is one that seems to assume that the voting public whose majority voted for the Democratic candidate in five of the last six Presidential elections are the enemy in this war, or assumes perhaps that majority was grossly misinformed.

    I do agree that we need to get out the vote this time — and every time. Part of that is to reverse the current trends toward “Voter ID” (solving a non-existent voter fraud problem by disenfranchising mainly poor, elderly voters) and expand the franchise (reinstate the Voting Rights Act here in the south, and reach out to high school and college students for whom this will be their first opportunity to vote). But war? No.

    I have heard people say that our present policies have killed the American family, and that individual liberty is dead. Nobody has killed the American family; it is not dead. Likewise, nothing has killed individual liberty; it also is not dead. Witness the recent federal acknowledgement of LGBT rights, the civil rights struggle of the current generation. (You can see that struggle going on at my own University, as at many others nationwide, with widespread student support; that was also the case in the struggle for racial equality.)

    Fatherhood is important; the more we restrict the right of a desperate woman to control her own destiny and her own choices (within the constraints of current law), the more children will be born to one-parent families. Most statistics show that intact families do much better financially than those headed by a single parent, and there are many governmental incentives from the tax code to public education to PTA meetings at public schools that incentivize multi-parent families. The unfortunate truth is that many if not most single parents, especially single mothers, would much prefer to be in a lasting, monogamous relationship but have not been able to find a suitable partner of either gender.

    All these are issues that call for us as a society to help those caught beyond their ability to thrive without such help. Rather than characterizing political views one opposes as “war” we need to encourage voters (as my Oath of Office had it) “to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” but to take care not to include as “enemies” those whose informed votes are consistently different from one’s own.

  2. Guy R. Smith   May 30, 2016 at 9:53 am

    So true, Scott. The Liberal-Progressive enemies of our Country and our Culture have used the very Freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution to undermine our Society. I believe the place we must start to fight back first is in our schools. We have allowed the education “industry” to become a foreign force against our Values and Principles, and to undermine the foundational truths that have made our Society sound for these 230+ years. All the while removing parents from their proper position of raising their children. As we are now in to our 3rd generation of Civics and Economics illiterates being “produced” by the government schools, the time is at hand to reverse this or all will be lost.

  3. Scott Cooper   May 28, 2016 at 8:35 am

    The Washington Times Article referenced, but not linked is here –