Surprise Newspaper Announcement Found During Renovation

Surprise Newspaper Announcement Found During Renovation

For carpenters Larry Miller and son Will, finding old newspapers during renovation and remodeling projects is not uncommon.  As Mr. Larry explained to The Advertiser, years ago, people would use the newspapers as insulation.  So, when the pair was working on a recent remodeling project at a home in Trenton, they were not surprised when, after going through five layers of flooring in the kitchen, they came to a layer of old newspapers.  What was surprising, however, it was discovered next.

Mr. Larry shared that he is always careful when removing old newspapers; they are not ripped up and thrown away.  Rather, he and his son carefully remove the papers and set them aside for the homeowner.  In this case, Will had already transported several papers from the area when he called for his dad saying that he had to come see what he had found.  Will then pointed out a small wedding announcement on the front of a paper, a brown weathered copy of The Augusta Chronicle dated Aug. 7, 1946.  The announcement read “Miller – Bussey”.  It was the wedding announcement for Mr. Larry’s parents!

Landrum Miller and Sara Frances Bussey were married for over 48 years before Landrum’s death in January of 1995.  Sara Frances died in September of 2010.  The couple had two sons and several grand and great-grand children.

Of finding the small announcement, Mr. Larry said, “I never would have seen it if it weren’t for Will because my eyes just aren’t that good.”  He went on to say that finding the article was Divine intervention and joked that he wondered if his momma was reaching out to tell him something.  Perhaps the message was to remember to treasure love and family and to celebrate the legacy of those gone on before us.

Tiffani Ireland

3 Responses to "Surprise Newspaper Announcement Found During Renovation"

  1. PJW   June 5, 2016 at 7:44 pm

    My house was built in 1939 and I bought it in 1997. On April 4, 2005 while renovating the bathroom I discovered some “Minneapolis Star” newspapers from 1958 inside the wall behind the medicine cabinet. I laid them aside and later discovered the “Look Who’s Here!” birth announcements included my own…

  2. John Gruninger   May 24, 2016 at 11:26 pm

    I found a mosaic of articles and line drawings from Sunday editions of a local paper dating to 1897 covering the plain boards of the entry ceiling in a house built a few years earlier. We made a “truth window” with UV blocking plexiglass so drawings of Zulu warriors, some guy named Stanford, and another named Haight and more can be seen today.

  3. Don garcia   May 24, 2016 at 3:37 pm

    In walnut creek, California, I was doing a master bedroom and bath addition. In the wall, I found a local newspaper from my birth date. Day and year!! What are the odds?