Reflecting on The Normandy Invasion

Reflecting on The Normandy Invasion

This week is the 72nd anniversary of the Western Allies Invasion of Normandy.

According to The National WWII Museum, total military dead from WWII is over 15 million. Civilian dead estimates are 45 million.  Over 9,000 Allied soldiers were killed during the Normandy invasion.  An extremely heavy price was paid for the liberty achieved for France, Europe and indeed the entire world a mere 72 years ago.

A generation ranges between 25 and 30 years.  Using 30 years, we are two and a half generations removed from the day 160,000 troops landed on the beaches of Normandy to reclaim a continent from tyranny, and we hardly remember that day, reflect on what transpired there or contrast those events to current trends.

I believe this is a day about which we should be teaching all children of the western world, especially here in America.  Most youth do not know very much about it, nor will they reflect on this day and the sacrifices their great grand-parents’ generation made for the cause of liberty and freedom.  We should never forget, yet I fear for the most part as a nation, and the West as a whole, has already forgotten.

In 2012 our WWII ally France elected an individual whose philosophy and worldview is diametrically opposed to the ideals we fought and died for 72 years ago.  Socialist Francois Hollande was elected President.  What is starker is that the socialists partnered with the Muslim population of France to put Mr. Hollande over the top. Close to 2 million Muslims voted in the election, and 85 – 93 % voted for Mr. Hollande.  Without that vote, the socialist party would not have won.  It is also worthy of noting that as a group, atheists supported Holland. (articles will be linked in online version).

I mention those two groups because the West is in a conflict of worldviews that no one in political leadership wants to talk about.  Our leadership 72 years ago understood the conflict.  Later this week, please see my online version, where I include speeches from General Eisenhower and President Roosevelt.  Just 34 years ago, Ronald Reagan in his “Evil Empire Speech” on June 8, 1982 understood and could articulate this worldview conflict, against the wishes of “his handlers.”

This isn’t about individuals within a belief system. It is about understanding how belief systems behave as blocks of power.  We are witnessing a partnership right now between the socialists, atheists and Muslims in Europe, but that coalition will only last until they conquer Western Civilization as it was known in the 20th century, then they will turn on one another.  Take a look at this picture taken Election Day 2012 in France:

French Election Day 2012

I think there is only one French Flag in this picture.  These folks are not unified except in their desire to destroy the belief system which has led to the most productive and prosperous century in human history.  The belief system they are fighting against is the system our grand-parents’ generation fought and died for.

The relevance of our history is rapidly being lost.


Scott Cooper

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