Clown Sighting in Edgefield

Clown Sighting in Edgefield

Edgefield County has now joined the many other locales across the nation in which recent clown sightings have been reported.  According to an Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office report on the incident, a resident of the 1100 block of Edgefield Road detailed to law enforcement how she arrived at her residence Wednesday, Oct. 12, near midnight to see a flashlight shining in a field next to her home.  The thirty-something complainant stated that then an unknown subject dressed as a clown leaned from behind a nearby tree.  The woman said that she then ran into her home and called law enforcement.  She further said that as she was in her residence, she thought she heard someone on her front porch.  The responding deputy checked the area around the complainant’s home and the field where she reported seeing the clown but found no sign of anything suspicious.  Upon leaving the residence, the deputy continued to patrol the area several times but still found did not find a clown.

As stated, clown sightings have been reported across the nation in recent weeks.  The reports started in August in Greenville, SC, where residents reported that clowns were offering money to children trying to lure them into woods.  Since then, clown sightings have increased throughout the country and multiple arrests have been made.

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