Crime Beat – Jan. 26th, 2017 – Contraband, Firearm, Obstruction

Crime Beat – Jan. 26th, 2017 – Contraband, Firearm, Obstruction

Contraband Found at Detention Center

The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office located contraband in an inmate’s cell at the Edgefield County Detention Center, Sunday, Jan. 22.  According to an incident report on the matter, a search of the inmate’s cell was conducted based on information the ECSO had obtained that led them to believe the inmate was in possession of a weapon.  The inmate was searched, and no contraband was found on his person.  However, during a search of his cell, law enforcement did find a small piece of metal concealed between two cell mattresses and another smaller piece of angled metal behind a toilet.  Upon inspection of the two metal pieces, it was determined that the larger piece looked as if it had begun to be filed down on one corner.

Both pieces of metal were confiscated as evidence.  The inmate, who does not have a cellmate, was returned to his cell.  He is being charged with possession of contraband in a county jail.  No other weapons were found at the detention center during this search.


Firearm Stolen From Costa Farms

A firearm was reported stolen to the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office, Jan. 20, from a vehicle that was parked at Costa Farms in Trenton.  According to an ECSO report, the victim stated that he parked his car at Costa around 8:00 in the morning.  When he returned to the vehicle at around 4:00 that afternoon, he found his .380 semi-automatic high point pistol missing from under the driver’s seat.  The gun was described as being black with a silver stripe in the center and was estimated to be worth $200.  The vehicle was locked.  However, the victim stated that one of his windows was broken from a previous accident.

The firearm was placed on NCIC, and the ECSO is investigating this crime.


Arrest for Obstruction of Justice and Resisting Arrest

One man was arrested for obstruction of justice and resisting arrest by the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office, Jan. 21.  According to the ECSO report, law enforcement responded to home on the 700 block of Church Street in Johnston on the aforementioned Saturday with the intention of serving a warrant on Kahlo Calhoun, 21, who was suspected to be at the location.  The report details how, when deputies arrived, they knocked on the door and a female subject exited the residence shutting the door behind her.  As she was speaking to the deputy on the porch, another deputy observed a suspect believed to be Kahlo attempting to escape out the back door, but when he saw the deputy, he ran back into the house.  The woman was then instructed to open the door to the home, and law enforcement called for Kahlo to come out of the home.  A subject did come to the door and was repeatedly referred to as Kahlo as he was being detained.  The subject in custody was also asked repeatedly if he was Kahlo Calhoun but refused to answer.  His wallet was checked, and the driver’s license inside revealed that he was actually Dakota Calhoun, the suspect’s brother.  As it turned out, while Dakota’s identity was being verified, Kahlo, who was still inside the residence, ran out the back door

Dakota was released as deputies attempted to search and locate Kahlo.  However, Dakota was said to have verbally confrontation and was described as seeming to appear to getting ready to get physically confrontational with law enforcement as the search for Kahlo ensued.  He was also said to have known about the warrant for his brother and told deputies that he would not tell on his brother.  Dakota was eventually arrested and charged with obstruction of justice.  As deputies attempted to arrest Dakota and put him in a patrol car for transport, Dakota resisted, pulling away from deputies and not cooperating.  Two deputies had to be used to place him the car for transport.  For these actions, Dakota was also charged with resisting arrest.

Kahlo Calhoun evaded capture and is still on the run.  Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office at 637-5337.


Two Charges Result of Animal at Large

Residents of a home on Glover Street in Johnston reported to the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office, Jan. 20, that they heard a gunshot outside their home, heard something then hit their home, and then heard their dog begin barking.  The man of the home stated that he went to investigate and found his dog limping and blood on the porch.  The responding deputy followed a blood trail that led to the back of the home where he located a hole consistent with a bullet hole.  The hole was said to be going into the hallway of the home but did not go all the way through the home.

Law enforcement made contact with a neighbor who stated that she had been with another neighbor earlier in the day when that other neighbor had shot the dog.  According to the witness, the dog had attacked a cat earlier in the month that belonged to the neighbor that shot at the dog.  When the witness and said neighbor arrived to find the dog in the neighbor’s yard again, the witness said the neighbor tried to shoo the animal away.  However, the dog only ran to the other side of the house.  When the neighbor followed it, the dog began growling at her.  The witness stated that at that point, the neighbor produced a small gun and fired at the dog.

As the deputy was obtaining the witness’ statement, the neighbor accused of shooting the dog arrived at her home.  She admitted to shooting at the dog after it barked and growled at her on her property.  A 38 caliber revolver with one spent round was recovered by the responding deputy.  Law enforcement explained to the woman that it is unlawful to fire a weapon towards a dwelling.  Her firearm was then seized.  The ECSO is seeking a warrant for discharging a firearm into a dwelling against the woman.

The “animal running at large” law was then explained to the owners of the dog.  They then relinquished the dog to the Animal Control Officer of the ECSO.  This case was forwarded for further investigation.

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