Notre-Dame at Risk, Potential Symbolism.

Notre-Dame at Risk, Potential Symbolism.

I want to thank CBS This Morning for their piece on the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris on Tuesday March 20th. It frankly is discouraging to learn about the state of its disrepair and its crumbling from within.


I am so grateful for the opportunity to have traveled to view this amazing testimony of craftmanship and faith several times during the 1980’s.  Lord willing, I will get to return one day!


To think of the construction of Notre-Dame from 1163 – 1346 is amazing. It has gone through restoration on more than one occasion during its 672 history since completion – not to mention the laborious 183-year span to construct.


In some respect its current crumbling from within is a picture of the individual Christian life. Without daily attention, as The Lord’s Prayer instructs, we all can and will crumble from within. For some reason, the Casting Crowns song “Slow Fade” comes to mind.


It is my prayer that hundreds of thousands of individual lives, if not millions, who are experiencing the restorative work of Jesus Christ in their personal lives and families will become in tune with the effort to save this historic church.


Let me be clear, “the church” is the family of Jesus Christ – not any buildings which are constructed in His honor.  That said, there is Western Civilization value to our historical cathedrals, and it is my opinion that they should be preserved.


When thinking about the preservation of Western Civilization, there are forces from without as well as through the hijra and the intolerant worldview of tolerance, otherwise known as multiculturalism, forces from within who would desire nothing more than for this symbol of Jesus Christ’s faith be demolished.  Some would like to see it replaced with something that resembles the god of multiculturalism.  Some would like to see it replaced with a Mosque.  Indeed, if you study the history of the hijra and the construction many mosques around the globe, you will see this is factual.  I am not speaking about personal issues, directed at any one person or small group, but rather global trends, as they relate to worldviews and how they operate as power blocks.


Here is the link from CBS This Morning’s report,  Here is the link to the foundation working to raise funds:


Here’s wishing you a productive week!


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