Megiddo Dream Station Coming to Edgefield County

Megiddo Dream Station, a jog training program, is coming to Edgefield County.  This announcement was made to Edgefield County Council at their monthly meeting, Jan. 7, by Megiddo founder and Executive Director, Kay Benitez.  Benitez presented to Council an overview of the program and her hopes for their program’s success in Edgefield County.   

            “We want to make sure that anyone who wants a job can get one,” Benitez told Council.  She also noted that the program is focused strictly on job and life skill training “and nothing more.”  She explained that this is to ensure that the program does not stretch itself “too thin.” Benitez also noted that the program itself is quite strict.  It is an 8-week program with classes 4 days a week (Mon.- Thurs. from 9 a.m.-1:30 p.m.) and has a “very strict” attendance policy.  While the plan is to bring this program to Edgefield County this year, Megiddo is still looking for a location in which to operate in the county. Benitez explained that the program usually operates out of a local church and that they are hopeful to find a location where they can establish their presence in the county soon.

            Megiddo is a Biblically based job and life skill training program.  Since its founding in 2012, the program has had a 97% placement rate with a 95% retention rate.  They have placed more than 700 people in over 80 jobs throughout the CSRA.  

Tiffani Ireland

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