Changes Around the County in Light of COVID-19

Changes Around the County in Light of COVID-19

By Tiffani Ireland

             As the citizens of Edgefield County await new developments regarding COVID-19, changes are being seen throughout the county in light of the virus.  Emergency Agency Director Spurgeon advised the Advertiser in an interview Wednesday, Mar. 25, that all County government buildings are still open for business but have locked their doors to the general public.  They are asking that people call to make appointments if a visit to the office is necessary.  Some offices do have slots through which paperwork may be dropped off. If you do go to an office without calling ahead, you may knock on the door to receive further instructions. Additionally, the majority of County staff is wearing gloves as a protective measure.  To contact County government offices, call 637-4000.  

            The Department of Veterans Affairs is also still operating but will be doing so from home, Director Spurgeon advised.  Citizens are asked to email the department or to call and make an appointment if a meeting is needed.  Their number is 637-4012.  

            Beginning Wednesday, Mar. 25, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will only be open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays until further notice.  Extensions are being given for CDLs and CLPs.  All road tests have been suspended through Apr. 3. This office may be reached at 637-3113, or you may visit the DMV website at

            Clerk of Court Sonny Reel advised the Advertiser, Wednesday, Mar. 25, that the Edgefield County Court House is closed to the general public.  However, he and his staff are continuing to serve the citizens of the county.  Daily bond hearings are still occurring according to Reel, but he did advise that the courts have suspended sessions through May 1.  Only emergency cases such as orders of protection, juvenile detentions, and bench warrants will be heard.  To reach the Clerk of Court’s Office, call 637-4080.  

            Grocery stores throughout the county continue to suffer from those seeking to stockpile provisions.  The Advertiser was told that people are driving as far away as Spartanburg in attempts to buy meat and that one grocery store has had to lock up its own supplies of toilet paper used for their bathrooms as the rolls were being stolen.  To this problem, Director Spurgeon again reminded that supplies lines are not closed – new products are arriving daily. However, they are hard to find because people are stockpiling as if the supplies may run out.  Toilet paper is still being produced.  In fact, many producers have increased their productions to meet demand.  Additionally, cows are still available and are still giving milk, and chickens are still being hatched.  There is no need to stockpile.  As one citizen reminded, one good power outage in the South, and all that stockpiled frozen meat will be ruined.  Instead of stockpiling, Spurgeon again urged consumers to buy only what they and their families need for a 2 week basis.  

Tiffani Ireland

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