Duncan Introduces WUHAN Rescissions Act

Duncan Introduces WUHAN Rescissions Act

Laurens, S.C. – Congressman Jeff Duncan (SC-03) introduced the Working Under Humanity’s Actual Needs (WUHAN) Rescissions Act to eliminate over $27 billion in spending included in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act unrelated to COVID-19.

“It’s no secret the CARES Act was loaded down with egregious pork barrel spending unrelated to combatting or responding to COVID-19. The American people expect their elected officials to seriously debate and legislate the issue at hand – especially during a crisis – instead of utilizing an emergency to bolster unrelated initiatives. Unfortunately, legislators chose to take advantage of the crisis to push their agenda. That’s why the WUHAN Rescissions Act is necessary – we need to trim the fat of the pet projects and unrelated items that were included in the CARES Act under the guise of fighting COVID-19.

“While many of these programs are not the role of government and shouldn’t receive any funding, some of these programs merit consideration. However, that consideration should be done in a different bill instead of COVID-19 rescue and recovery legislation.

“I’m thankful to have a strong group of Representatives joining me to fight against wasteful spending while responsibly responding to COVID-19.”


Original cosponsors: Rep. Ralph Norman (SC-05), Rep. Bradley Byrne (AL-01), Rep. Matt Gaetz (FL-01), Rep. Ken Buck (CO-04), Rep. Paul A. Gosar, DDS (AZ-04), Rep. Andy Biggs (AZ-05), Rep. Scott Perry (PA-10), Rep. Kevin Hern (OK-01), Rep. Ross Spano (FL-15), and Rep. Alex Mooney (WV-02).

The WUHAN Rescissions Act eliminates over $27 billion in spending unrelated to COVID-19 from the CARES Act to ensure the response legislation is focused on the actual issue at hand – responding to the coronavirus pandemic.


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: $20,000,000

NASA: $60,000,000

Legal Services Corporation: $50,000,000


Bureau of Reclamation: Water and Related Resources, $12,500,000 

Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental Programs and Management: $3,910,000

EPA, Buildings and Facilities, $300,000

EPA Hazardous Substance Superfund: $770,000

Forest and Rangeland Research: $3,000,000

National Forest Service, Capital Improvement and Maintenance: $26,800,000


Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native Culture and Arts Development: $78,000

Smithsonian Institution: $7,500,000

John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts: $25,000,000

National Endowment for the Arts: $75,000,000

National Endowment for the Humanities: $75,000,000


Gallaudet University: $7,000,000

Howard University: $13,000,000

Corporation for Public Broadcasting: $75,000,000

Institute for Museum and Library Services, $50,000,000


House, Salaries and Expenses: $25,000,000


International Disaster Assistance: $258,000,000

Migration and Refugee Assistance: $350,000,000

Peace Corps, $88,000,000


Northeast Corridor Grants to the National Railroad Passenger Corporation: $492,000,000

National Network Grants to the National Railroad Passenger Corporation: $526,000,000

Federal Transit Administration: $25,000,000,000

Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS: $65,000,000


Fair Housing Activities: $2,500,000

Read the bill HERE.

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  1. J Adams   May 8, 2020 at 3:56 pm

    From Trump to the newest member of the far right Republican party the only real accomplishment you have made is to tear this country apart. When are ALL politicians going to understand you work for the people not for your overblown egos, and your reelection? Times are slowly but surely changing.