A Drive-Thru Nativity: Little Stevens Creek’s First

A Drive-Thru Nativity: Little Stevens Creek’s First

Mary and Joseph and the Christchild: Jazmyne Mock and Bryson Bledsoe.

On December 18, Little Stevens Creek Baptist Church in Edgefield, S.C. celebrated its very first Drive-Thru Nativity.  Two hundred visitors were greeted by wise men asking, “Are you looking for the Baby?” This was followed by a ride through Old testament prophecies that predicted the arrival of Jesus, the Messiah.  Roman soldiers then directed drivers to turn off their lights as they approached the Nativity, built by Marion Bledsoe.

Visitors were able to see Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus surrounded by Shepherds, angels, a baby calf from hickory Hill Farms, a goat, and two horses.  Departing, guests passed by the Bethlehem Inn, heard Scripture and music and saw the cross on a hill.  The last thing seen was the gospel message.  

Pastor David Lyda said, “I love that we were able to share more than just a pretty Nativity scene.  People left with an understanding of why we celebrate the birth of Jesus.  He came to save us from our sins!”

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