Dear Editor:

All writers in Op Ed are here to inform and acknowledge issues of importance to our communities, however these writings represent the views and opinions of the authors and not necessarily of The Advertiser.

Our county government’s goal is to urbanize our rural lands. Their vision is not our vision. With cyber security on the way, our officials are working with developers to bring in growth that is not consistent with our rural way of life.  Our goal is to spread the word to Edgefield residents on how this will affect us ALL.  It will affect every resident of Edgefield county no matter how rural.  Here are some of the issues of importance:

First of all, due to COVID we feel that a proper public hearing cannot be held.  Our voice is being limited. Our letters and request were not read aloud at the Public hearing.  Because of this, we believe the LMO should be tabled until a proper public hearing can be held for our collective voice to be heard.  However, we feel this too will fall on deaf ears.

Here are some examples of problems with this LMO/Zoning:

RV’s/tents/temporary structures will not be allowed in most zones for more than 45 days. (LMO 4.5.1) 

Should conflict of ordinances arise the stricter of the two ordinances will win. (LMO 1.2.3)

Will dictate what business you are allowed to run from your home. (LMO chart pg 35-57)

Flag poles will be regulated for all stating specific height requirements and allowances. (LMO 7.9.3)

Developers will get their own “custom” zoning which overrides existing zoning. (SC6-29-740)

Has no protection from large solar farms in any zone. (LMO chart pg56)

Multiple restrictions on home-based businesses as seen in the chart in the (LMO pg 35-57)

You are not allowed to store any inoperable vehicle (boat/RV) within public view on your property. (LMO 12.3.1.b)

Non conformities as written in LMO 1.5.1 and grand-fathered in cannot be repaired after 50% damage ​(LMO

We have ordinances in place now to protect us and they can be viewed on the county website. Zoning while favoring developers strips the citizens and private land owners of their rights. (see definition of Market-based incentives Chapter 12 page 37) In short, the LMO is a county-wide HOA.

What can you do???

Our job now is to convince the Planning Commission to say NO to this overreach of government regulations. Without the Planning Commission recommending this LMO to County Council it cannot move forward. Reach out to your Planning Commission member and let your voice be heard. Say no to the LMO/Zoning. 

Sign the petition to revert our comp plan back to its original wording. If you signed prior to Dec please sign again as this document has been revised. This will help discourage high density housing development. The petition can be found at Patriot’s BBQ, Park Row, TLC, and Bay’s Firearms.

Email Kevin Singletary to get on the list to attend one of the small county meetings they will be having. The deadline is March 17.

Join the movement of Edgefield county citizens to get more information and be notified of meetings. email – 

Rhonda Nowicki and other concerned Edgefield County residents​​

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