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Calling out the media for pushing transgender narrative

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I appreciate the Advertiser giving me a chance to respond to Mr. Scott’s comments regarding one of my recent posts. For those who missed it, CBS News inaccurately produced a headline stating that Jeopardy contestant Amy Schneider was the highest-earning and longest-winning woman to ever be on the show. I simply pointed out to CBS News that the headline was inaccurate because Amy Schneider is not actually a woman, but rather a transgender person and biological male. To suggest Schneider is a woman is both untrue and disrespectful to the woman who holds the record for being the highest-grossing female contestant on the show. CBS News could have accurately written a headline that said that Schneider was the highest-grossing transgender contestant, or one of the highest-grossing people to ever compete, but instead they made the calculated decision to push their “woke” agenda on the American people. I made the post not to be disparaging to Schneider, but rather to point out that CBS News, an outlet that claims to be unbiased yet consistently pushes out liberal content, had intentionally produced a fake headline to push a partisan political agenda. 

Now, there are far more important issues out there than discussing Jeopardy contestants. Joe Biden’s policies have led to an illegal immigration crisis on our southern border, record-high inflation, rising crime, and a wrecked supply chain, and I have my hands full in challenging all these terrible Democrat priorities. But those who know me also know that I’m exactly the type of person who isn’t afraid to call out an Emperor for not wearing clothes, and I’m the last one to go along with any woke games. 

If a supposedly unbiased news outlet is going to put out factually inaccurate information, I don’t mind taking two seconds out of my day to tell them they’re wrong. If a woke mob tries to cancel me for stating the truth, my response to them is “go ahead and try.” The people pushing this agenda are the same folks that are trying to destroy women’s sports. I’ve been following with great disappointment how “woke” policies have entered into women’s sports, with transgender swimmer Lia Thomas being one of the most prominent. We also see this with Dr. Rachel Levine, Biden’s appointee to assistant health secretary, who was heralded by some as the first “female” four-star admiral, even though this too is simply untrue. 

Among the casualties of the woke transgender ideologies are the biological women whose athletic records are being shattered and whose accomplishments are being overshadowed by biological males pumped with female hormones. This is not another opinion only held by conservatives like me – people from both sides of the aisle agree with me on this issue. Democrats. Democrats and Republicans, alike, find it appalling that their daughters and sisters now have to compete on an unlevel playing field since men are now allowed to recategorize their gender and compete in women’s sports. 

The fact that this is even a conversation is a sad indicator of where we are as a society when something as black and white as gender has become a convoluted battleground. Calling a man a woman is simply incorrect and allowing him to claim a woman’s accomplishment in the name of “gender identity” is just wrong.

Rep. Jeff Duncan 

January 27, 2022 

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