Bang, bang…bang, bang, bang

Bang, bang…bang, bang, bang

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Blaney Pridgen

This will sound silly to some of you and infuriating to others.  Perhaps a few will agree.  The topic is automatic, military style rifles with large capacity magazines, that are designed and often used to kill people quickly and effectively.

We will not ban them.  There are just too many people who like the idea, for whatever reason, of owning a weapon for killing a lot of people in short order.  I suspect this is an issue of child development, actual and arrested.  And there are too many people who manipulate the Constitution, like the Christian nationalists and most evangelicals manipulate the Bible.  They come up with stuff to support their dark needs and attribute it to the Founding Fathers and God.  As we say in the South, “Bless their hearts.”  But they are not going to go away, and many have risen to high office.  

We cannot get rid of the automatic rifles and the individuals who brandish and pet them; yet, I have a modest suggestion.  When someone shoots up a bunch of innocent adults and children and the police have the rifle, its full origins should be traced.  Once determined (not that difficult) the manufacturer will be fined $1,000,000.  The retailer of origin will be fined $100,000.  Any individual who sold the thing or gifted it to the shooter will be fined $100,000.  If the shooter is under age 21, the parents are charged with third degree manslaughter.  These should be federal offenses.  I am also thinking that the number of people wounded or murdered would increase the fines ten percent per victim.  

My proposal won’t happen in any form, but it would be at least something we could do to go to the source of the killings in some way.  Mental health and sensible regulations don’t carry much water in our nation, but money does.  Make those who profit from automatic rifles pay something for their sins, kind of like a tax.  Come to think of it, a sin tax might be added to the cost of these machine guns, like the taxes on alcohol and tobacco.  I suggest at least fifty percent.  Or maybe one must register to buy the ammunition every time it is sold.  Or maybe there could be registration to attend a gun show.  None of this would ban owning a people-killing weapon and the right to bear arms in this bizarre way.  

One would think that paint gun wars, violent video gaming, and even hunting should satisfy the lust for shooting something.  They don’t.  Some of us need more.  It feels good to blow up a watermelon with twenty rounds in ten seconds.  Target shooting, usually with a human form is acceptable.  And you never know when you might “need more” against a real assailant.  Right now, I am going outside to shoot some squirrels who are robbing my bird feeder.  It feels good when I sting one with my high-powered BB gun.  And yes, I have two kills.  But I really don’t need a high-poweredmachine gun.  Nobody does, but they do anyway.  It’s just the American way, in some minds.

2 Responses to "Bang, bang…bang, bang, bang"

  1. DON'T TREAD ON ME!   July 21, 2022 at 2:09 pm

    Clearly you don’t understand the real issue here. It’s called freedom! Our country was founded on the basis of individual freedom and the right to live without the government’s constant interference. If you want to sign your God-given (yes I said it, GOD-given) right to live freely over to the government, then go ahead. I for one will not. The Second Amendment could not be any clearer, …”the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”.
    This isn’t about automatic weapons, which you can’t purchase anyway, this is about the constant attack on our liberty. And you think you can solve this with a system of monetary fines which would stop the gun violence? Seriously? Next time you wish to write an Op-Ed, I can suggest a couple of topics for you which you may be better informed:
    1. Beard trimming, the key to finely-kempt facial hair!
    2. The Episcopal Church vs Catholicism, which best uses guilt as a deterrent?
    3. How to offend as many people as possible with an ill-informed opinion piece. Scratch that, you already did.
    We are all grappling with the rise in gun violence but these types of columns don’t help. Look on the bright side, your sermon for Sunday is already written.

  2. Informed Patriot   July 17, 2022 at 8:19 am

    How is it that you can be this ignorant? Automatic weapons are not available to the general public in the United States. I picked up the paper for the first time, thinking I would support the local effort. To my astonished mind, I read this ill-informed article and had to wonder how it could have been written much less published! Mr Pridgen, you are either a deceitful propagandist or an insanely stupid person.