Saturday, October 1, 2022–10 a,m,-3 p.m,

Join us for a day of stories and demonstrations!

Your day will be filled with stories about area history.  At the History Center there will be highlights of Fort Charlotte and many refurbished exhibits.  We’ll have special guests who are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about sharing this history.  This event serves as a fund-raising opportunity for Willington on the Way, a 502(c)( 3) non-profit.  Visitors will purchase a ticket and map for $20.00 and can move at their own pace to enjoy the activities of the day.  It is free to ages 16 and under.  Proceeds go toward upkeep of Willington’s historic buildings.


History Center • Bookshop (over 40,000 used books) • African American Cultural Center (one-room schoolhouse with displays) • Candle and Soap Making & 18th Century firearms • Antique Cars on Display • Are Historical Cemeteries • Are Historical Churches • Area Historical Home • Food Vendor (not included in ticket, OLA’s Southern Soul & CaribbeanCuisine

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