Pettigrew Readdresses Ballot Controversy

As you have probably heard, last week’s ruling by the SC Supreme Court has kicked many other challenger candidates off the election ballot this year, bringing the total removed statewide to around 300. As in their previous ruling, no incumbents were removed, and most will now run unopposed. Here in Edgefield County, candidates William Smith, […]

Smith Announces Possible New Direction for Campaign

As many of you know, I may eventually run as a petition candidate.  I fall into that “gray” area with others who are certified by their party but still may not follow the direct ruling of the Supreme Court.  I am now starting to take signatures for a petition run and will work at this […]

Pettigrew Addresses Ballot Controversy

Dear Editor: Over the past few weeks, many have asked me what was going on with the Senate election and what was the ballot controversy all about? I appreciate your interest and concern and in the next few paragraphs I will explain as best I can. On May 2, 2012, the SC Supreme Court ruled […]

State of the Smith Campaign

Dear Editor: As you know, there are questions in our state over who is considered a “certified” candidate for the upcoming primary and eventually the November General Election.  It is a state wide issue that also reaches deep into Edgefield County including my campaign.  I have been asked many questions about the future of my campaign […]

National Nurses Week

Edgefield, S.C. :  Hospice Care of South Carolina is joining the American Nurses Association in celebrating Nurses: Advocating, Leading, Caring, as part of National Nurses Week, which is held May 6-12, every year. The purpose of the weeklong celebration is to raise awareness of the value of nursing and help educate the public about the […]

NFP Mother’s Day Letter

Dear Editor, This Mother’s Day, we celebrate the special women in our lives who give so much to ensure we have everything we need. Being a mom is hard work, even for women who have adequate resources and a strong family network. Imagine what it’s like for those who don’t, those who struggle to make […]

Remember All Mothers This Mother’s Day

By Tanya Robinson It was on November 12, 1992 that I signed the papers.  I asked myself for almost a year, would giving him up be the right thing to do? I had been hearing so many reasons as to why choosing adoption is right and best. I remember the smell of John’s skin. His […]

First Steps, Active and Appreciative of Sponsors

For 8 years now, Edgefield County First Steps has been active in getting books to many of Edgefield County’s youngest children. According to Candi Lalonde, Executive Director of Edgefield County First Steps, the Imagination Library program has served over 600 children since it was started here in Edgefield in 2004. “We have mailed over 11,000 […]

WIU Thanks Contributors

Women in Unity After School Learning Center would like to thank Mayor Ken Durham for supplying pizza on March 14, 2012 presented by Charlotte Cheatham, Sheriff Adell Dobey for supplying pizza on March 29, 2012 presented by Officer Gladys Mason , and Superintendant Walter Tobin for supplying pizza on April 16, 2012.   The children were very […]

Conserving Wildlife Through Hunting

  By Brent Lawrence A person recently posed the question: “You’re with the National Wild Turkey Federation and I see your tagline of ‘Conserve. Hunt. Share.’ How do you conserve wildlife by hunting?” I love questions like this because they show an open mind and an interest to learn. Hunters are indeed the champions of […]