Illegal Immigrants: Here to Stay?

Opinion  – By G. Miller Thompson – You may have heard by now that President Obama is expected to take executive action on immigration reform in the coming days. Threats of unilateral action are nothing new from the Obama White House and this particular set of actions is anticipated to grant legal documents to as […]

What Do We Want to Pay For?

Opinion  – By Robert Scott – Let’s talk about highways and bridges – what most of us think of, when we think of “infrastructure.” A few months ago this column addressed how our highway infrastructure is presently funded: almost entirely by the highway fuel tax. Our state highway tax is 16.75 cents a gallon, and […]

The People Have Spoken

Opinion  – By G. Miller Thompson – “Make no mistake: these policies are on the ballot. Every single one of them.” This line was included in a speech President Obama gave at Northwestern University in early October. Some of these policies include making it easier for first-time homebuyers to get a loan, investing in clean […]

We Can Join Together in Edgefield County

Opinion  – By Robert Scott – This year’s election cycle is finally over, and the results nationwide show a clear shift: in the U.S. Senate, there will now be a slight Republican majority instead of a slight Democratic majority, and in the U.S. House of Representatives, the Republican majority will be larger than it has […]

An Inside Look At How Our County is Growing

Opinion Last month the County Council passed the millage rate for the current tax year. We did not increase the amount you pay in County Government taxes.   That’s the first bit of good news.   The second part of the good news is that our County is growing, which helps keep taxes under control. […]

A Special Thank You

Letter to the Editor Dear Editor: My church, The Episcopal Church of the Ridge (including Edgefield, Trenton and Ridge Spring parishes), has The Harvest Food Bank as one of our outreach projects. Each Sunday parishioners donate food items to support this worthy cause. A couple of years ago, I put an empty box denoting “Donations […]

Domestic Violence Continues

– By Josie Rodgers – Domestic violence continues to be in the forefront of the media, and SC still ranks at the top for the number of women killed due to domestic violence. The most frustrating issue is the reason these women stay with their abusers or don’t leave sooner. We hear all kinds of […]

Politics and Religion

Opinion  – By Robert Scott – Those of you who have been following my occasional OpEds may recognize this title. It’s one that has been used before – on my first submission here at The Edgefield Advertiser, back in May. Now that we are (thankfully) almost finished with this “off-year” election cycle, it is time […]

Thank You for Making the Festival a Success

Letter to the Editor Dear Editor: Sonny and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our volunteers, sponsors, mayor, city council, and the town employees who made the Heritage Jubilee Festival a great success this year. Having these support people not only make our festival a success but makes us realize with more […]

Edgefield County Council Chairman’s Update

October 3, 2014 Comprehensive Plan on Tap for County Council It probably doesn’t sound like a very sexy topic, but the Comprehensive Plan is about to be discussed by County Council at Tuesday night’s meeting. The County Council is scheduled to hold first reading at its November meeting. The Comprehensive Plan is a state-mandated, County-related […]

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