Politics and Religion

Opinion – By Robert M. Scott – As we head into the Primary season, I’m already tired of hearing from candidates about their personal belief system – that they and their family are good, Church-going folk and so I should vote for them. Frankly, I am not particularly interested in which religion they profess, or […]

The Supreme Sacrifice

OPINION  – By G. Miller Thompson – On Monday we celebrated the national holiday of Memorial Day.  This is one of America’s most sacred holidays as we remember the men and women over the course of history that have selflessly put their lives on the line to defend our country and protect the freedoms we […]

A Tribute to Teachers

OPINION  – By G. Miller Thompson – A couple of weeks ago the nation celebrated National Teacher Appreciation Week.  This is the week on which the National Teacher Appreciation Day occurs.  Now, this “national day” thing is getting out of hand.  There is a national day for squirrel appreciation (January 21), strawberries and cream (May […]

Peeler and Staff a Winning Team

Letter to the Editor Dear Editor: I wanted to give a short testament to the hard work, efficiency, professionalism, and assistance recently rendered by Judge Bobby Peeler and his staff to my wife. My mother in law lost her husband in early February 2014. My wife went back to Edgefield County to assist her mother in the […]

A Country of Quitters

Opinion  – By G. Miller Thompson – Times are tough, people struggle, life ain’t always beautiful.  Regardless of any hardships one may face, quitting is simply not the answer.  Now, do not confuse the term hardships with drug or alcohol problems.  If you or someone you know suffers from any tough addiction, by all means, […]

SCTC Welding Technology

Opinion – By Bill Cheatham – Our society would not function without welding. Everything from automobiles, rockets, aircraft, skyscrapers, bridges and highways require welding as well as oil and gas pipelines, wind turbines and solar panels. The tasks welders can perform have increased significantly with the development of new technologies. Successful welders today operate robots […]

A Brotherhood of Three

The death of Butler Derrick brings up memories of three friends who formed a relationship at the University of South Carolina into a bond that stayed steady and strong until each departed from this earth. And the world was better for this friendship. The other two in this trio were Ned Nicholson and Robert Norris […]

The PC Police

OPINION   – By G. Miller Thompson – Ronald Reagan once said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’”  I agree with President Reagan wholeheartedly, but there are two more increasingly terrifying words that may soon win the “most terrifying words” award:  political […]

Nelson Mullins Statement on the Passing of Butler Derrick

“Butler was a friend and colleague of our Firm long before he joined us to help us open the Washington office in 2004,” said Nelson Mullins Managing Partner Jim Lehman. “Butler served the State of South Carolina admirably before becoming one of the most respected Congressmen in Washington. His folksy Southern charm and his understanding […]

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