Disposal of Debris From the Recent Ice Storm

A call to one of the Advertiser writers in the lower part of the county, to ask if some information could be printed for everyone, resulted in this short article that should provide information for those concerned about the debris left behind from the storm – what to do with it since it isn’t being […]

Misguided Priorities

In a January poll by the Pew Research Center, Americans were asked to choose from a list of policy issues which single issue should be Washington’s top priority.  The top six policy priorities, according to the poll, were:  strengthening the nation’s economy (80%), improving the job situation (74%), defending the country from terrorism (73%), improving […]

CPAC 2014: Taking Back America

OPINION  – By G. Miller Thompson – Last weekend I had the privilege of joining thousands of Americans at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland.  CPAC is the conservative’s paradise.  The conference lasted from Thursday morning to Saturday evening and the main stage hosted every big name conservative you can think […]

Together Edgefield Achieves More

Letter to the Editor Dear Editor: Last year Edgefield established a community based group called “TEAM,” Together Edgefield Achieves More, to formulate and implement economic development projects.  Our two major goals are to: Build a strong and stable economic base through the attraction of jobs, investment and develop a diverse mix of business. Enhance the […]

Edgefield County Council Chairman’s Update

March 7, 2014 Economic Development and Edgefield County All economic development – manufacturing, light industrial and small business – is an important thread in the fabric of our County. There’s no question that our County is woven together with excellent law enforcement, key medical services, educational opportunities, local recreation and a variety of other services […]

2016: What America Needs

Opinion – By G. Miller Thompson – We are nearly midway through President Obama’s second term.  Five days before the 2008 Election, Obama told supporters that he was ready to “fundamentally transform” America.  In the years since, the White House has certainly done its part to make this transformation occur.  As you probably guessed, I […]

Do You Know This Place?

Letter to the Editor Dear Editor: I and writing in hopes you can help me identify a house and give me a current address, if one exists. My grandmother lived in Edgefield, when she was a small girl (probably sometime between 1917-1920). She “lived about two miles from town up on a high hill.” The […]

Regarding Purple Heart Recipient

Letter to the Editor Dear Editor: I was recently lucky enough to interview John Barbare for a position within our firm.  As I was preparing for our meeting, I came across the article about John in The Edgefield Advertiser.  Immediately upon meeting John I was impressed and humbled by John’s professionalism, courage, intelligence, and American pride, and […]

Hometown Heros

 – By G. Miller Thompson – Two weeks ago today, our community was hit with severe winter weather.  The ice caused widespread damage across the CSRA; some of which is still being cleaned up today.  Nearly 200,000 homes in the region went without power for several days.  Fallen trees downed power lines and many described […]

An Open Letter from Mayor Durham

Dear Edgefield: Thank You to the many volunteers who worked so hard last week during our winter storm. We ask for your patience as our Public Works Department works diligently to remove the debris in the Town of Edgefield. W. Ken Durham Mayor

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