The Local Government Fund (LGF)

Opinion  – By Robert Scott – What is the LGF, and why should we care? The website of the South Carolina Association of Counties ( explains the Local Government Fund, or LGF. According to the history at that website, the LGF was designed by the South Carolina state government to add a revenue source to […]

Energy Policy

Letter to the Editor Dear Editor: Jeff Duncan is touting his energy policy as all-inclusive, but we should follow the money. The United States’ energy policy must be crafted by legislators who have a vision for the future, not by politicians who have received thousands of dollars from fossil fuel industries and out of state […]

Working Together With our Legislative Delegation

Opinion  – By Robert Scott – The Edgefield County Republicans’ meeting last week was a success! Like the Democrats’ earlier meeting, the Republicans invited a guest speaker from the other party to address common issues. The speaker was Representative Bill Clyburn, who highlighted what the South Carolina Legislature faced this year and what it should […]

Will Things Ever Get Better in the Middle East?

Opinion – By Dr. Mims Mobley – Hamas Muslims and Israelis have been hurling ordnance at each other again, and in Syria and Iraq, fanatical Muslims of ISIS are a threat to the lives of all, even other Muslims, who do not convert to their radical views regarding Islam. It’s not new. Some 2000 years before […]

Islam Is Not Our Enemy

Opinion  – By Robert Scott – Like so many Americans, I was appalled by the reports of the beheading of an American journalist, James Foley, at the hands of the self-styled “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” (ISIS). Like so many Americans, my immediate reaction was, we have to get those guys. What we want […]

Big Government, Liberty, and Freedom

Opinion – By Robert Scott – When I first started writing these OpEds for The Edgefield Advertiser, I was thinking that there was only so much one could say and too soon the columns would become repetitive. But like many of you, I read a lot of newspapers (some online), listen willingly or not to […]

Protecting South Carolina’s Veterans

Opinion  – By Senator Tim Scott – COLUMBIA, SC — The brave men and women who have worn our nation’s uniform deserve our honor and our kept promises. South Carolina’s 400,000 veterans rely on the services provided by the Wm. Jennings Bryan Dorn VA Medical Center in Columbia, Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center in Charleston […]

Republicans and Democrats Can Work Together

Opinion  – By Robert Scott – The meeting last Saturday (August 9th), with the Edgefield County Democratic Party hosting our Republican Senator Shane Massey, really worked out well. The meeting was open to all residents regardless of political party, and both Mr. Massey and the party chairman, Johnston’s Mayor Terrence Culbreath, agreed about many things, […]


Opinion  – By G. Miller Thompson – As you may have seen advertised last week, the Edgefield County Democratic Party hosted Senator Shane Massey, a Republican, at their Saturday morning gathering. Attending the meeting were several of Edgefield’s most active Democrats and even a few members of the County’s Republican Party. Most in the room […]

Working Women and the Uneven Playing Field

Opinion – By Robert Scott – A few weeks ago I wrote about the Hobby Lobby decision, and whether women employees, their (usually male) employers, or the government should have decision making authority as to what constitutes minimum legal health insurance coverage. Perhaps a metaphor to put that into perspective: the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program […]

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