“Piper Tales” – Chapter 3 – And Now There Are Two

The Continuing Adventures of a Very Lucky Black and White Dog

By Penny L. Hunt

Chapter 3 – And Now There Are Two

Last week:  The sixth grade class at Whitman Academy began plotting ways to catch three puppies living in a pipe…

The plan was brilliant!  A can of the smelliest cat food anyone could find would be placed inside a coon trap as bait.  Then, as soon as it was dark, the trap would be set and placed near the place where the puppies had been seen.  Miss Lynn had all but guaranteed by morning one or more of the puppies would be safely held inside.  “No hungry pup” she had said, “can resist a can of smelly cat food!!”

River said her dad would let Bill and Rhett borrow his raccoon trap and Alex said his family would be happy to donate the cans of cat food. Notes were printed and sent home that afternoon informing parents of the special arrangements made for members of the sixth grade class to join their parents in attending the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) meeting scheduled for the following night.

The afternoon of the PTO meeting Headmaster Shellet, his wife Miss Lynn, their son Bill and his best friend Rhett stayed after school cleaning and setting up for the parents and students who would soon be arriving. As Bill, his dad and Rhett put out chairs in the cafeteria/auditorium, Miss Lynn drove to the Quick Stop to buy sandwiches for the busy crew’s supper.

Walking toward her car she noticed one of the gates standing half-open.  She went to adjust it and, as she did, she saw them! All three puppies were right there near the gate:  one black and white, another white and gray, and the third, a solid smoky-gray!  She could hardly believe it!  But, just as they had every time before, the puppies ran the moment they saw her.

However, this time the black and white puppy lingered just a moment longer as the others scrambled for cover.  Seeing her chance, Miss Lynn stepped quickly between the black and white puppy and his intended destination. Confused and disoriented in all the excitement, he turned, ran through the open gate and across the schoolyard.

His tiny legs were no match for Miss Lynn’s but, as she closed in to pick him up, he looked over his shoulder and uttered a menacing “grrrrrrr”, definitely intended as a fierce- sounding growl!

She allowed him to run his course which he ended at the front doors of the school curled in the corner beneath a potted asparagus fern.  Her husband, who had watched the entire event unfold through his office window, slowly opened the door and handed her an empty shoe box and towel.  “You might need these” he said.  “I’ve had them here for days, hoping I’d be able to catch them.”

Miss Lynn gently slid the puppy from underneath the planter, wrapped him in the soft towel and placed him in the box. Holding a treasure she was yet to completely understand, she looked at her handsome husband and said, “Now there are only two more to catch!”  He smiled after her, repeating the words: “Now there are only two”…  (To be continued next week)


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