“Piper Tales” – Chapter 4 – Flash Flood Warning!

The Continuing Adventures of a Very Lucky Black and White Dog

By Penny L. Hunt

Chapter 4 – Flash Flood Warning!

Last week:  One of the puppies living in a drainage pipe near Whitman Academy was rescued by the headmaster’s wife and the sixth grade class has devised a way to save the others.

The wind had really picked up outside and rain could be heard falling heavily on the roof.   The room quieted as Headmaster Shellet tapped the microphone and began.  “Good evening and thank you for coming.  Some of you may have heard bits and pieces about puppies having been abandoned in front of the school, others of you may not.  So, before I turn tonight’s PTO meeting over to Mrs. Bradley, I have asked my wife, Miss Lynn, to take a moment and bring you all up to speed.

Miss Lynn reviewed all the exciting events of the past few days, adding how one of the puppies, the black and white one, was now warm and dry and comfortably resting inside a shoe box on her laundry room floor.  She described how saving the puppies had become a class project which explained why the members of the sixth grade class were here with flashlights and their parents.

River’s dad was introduced and placed his raccoon trap on a table next to the podium and demonstrated how it worked.  Alex came forward with his cans of cat food and a can opener.  The rain was falling so hard now he could hardly be heard as he opened a can, handed it to River’s dad, and explained how the smelly cat food was the perfect bait to lure hungry puppies into the trap.  River’s dad made a great show of just how smelly the bait was, holding his nose as he placed it inside the trap, sniffed at his fingers and then wiped his hands on the front of his jeans while making a face!

Miss Lynn was just finishing up, explaining how the students planned on using their flashlights to accompany River’s dad to the site where he would set the trap and was beginning to voice her concerns about doing so in light of the heavy rain when Sheriff Bradley appeared and handed her husband a note.

Cell phones began lighting up around the room as Headmaster Shellet stood to make an announcement.  “Ladies and gentlemen, Sheriff Bradley has just informed me the National Weather Service has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for our area with winds in excess of 60 mph.  Quarter size hail has been reported with heavy rainfall and flash flooding.  However, there is still time for those of you who want to be at home when the storm hits Witman.  Anyone who does not want to leave is welcome to seek shelter here at the school but you must make your decision quickly.

Headmaster Shellet and Bill held the doors open and watched as Alex, Rhett, River and most of the other families ran with programs and jackets above their heads through the large puddles that had already formed to their waiting cars and trucks. As cars streamed from the parking lot and everyone left the school, the lights flickered twice and Bill asked, “Dad, what will happen to the puppies?”…  (To be continued next week)


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