Sunny Day: A Love Letter to Edgefield!

Sunny Day: A Love Letter to Edgefield!

Audiences are calling Sunny Day, the new hit musical from The Edgefield County Theatre Company, “a love letter to Edgefield.” That was the reaction last Wednesday night, when the play, which is about our town, was presented for the first time. Sixty guests attended a black-tie reception at the Discovery Center, then entered the William Miller Bouknight Theatre for the Grand Dress Rehearsal. There, they enjoyed two acts full of laughter, tears, and original songs, including the nostalgic “A Kid in Edgefield” and the moving anthem, “Man in the Moon.” After the performance, Edgefieldian Leonard Todd, the playwright/composer/lyricist for the show, was called onstage by a prolonged standing ovation for the production. It was a landmark evening in the cultural history of our area.

The show, directed by Bradley Watts and Kelly Harris, continues this weekend on the 25th, 26th and 27th of October. Special Saturday and Sunday matinees. Call 803.637.3833 for tickets. The talented cast includes (in order of appearance) Sam Crouch, Whitney McDonald, Christian Newsome, Caroline Bland, Bill Kassay, Michele Cummings.

Photos by Jane Bess

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