Strom Thurmond High School Pass in Review

Strom Thurmond High School Pass in Review

With the arrival of the official party, at 1100 hours last Thursday, Strom Thurmond High’s NJROTC commenced and conducted the 2015 Pass in Review. The official party included CWO4 Andre Ferrill, USMC (ret) Senior Naval Science Instructor Strom Thurmond High School, Doctor Ross, Principal Strom Thurmond High School, Mr. Greg Anderson, Superintendent Edgefield County School District and CDR G. Jones, USN (ret) Area Six Manager.

Presentation of the Colors followed with C/LT Ron Johnson, accompanied by The Strom Thurmond High School Band, singing The National Anthem. The invocation was delivered by C/ENS Hunter Reville.

Following remarks by members of the official party the unit was exercised and the drill team provided a demonstation.

The Strom Thurmond Concert Choir then sang God Bless America after which the unit conducted a flag passing ceremony and the pass-in-review.  


“A ceremonial parade, impeccably performed, can never fail to be a source of inspiration to those who watch it or take part in it. It is the noblest and proudest form of drill. Based on the ‘blunt whetstone’ of drill instruction to recruits it was for many hundreds of years the foundation of battle discipline in all Armies . . .

“A Ceremonial parade, moreover, provides an occasion for men to express pride in their performance, pride in the Regiment or Corps and pride in the profession of Arms.”

General Sir Harold Alexander, Ceremonial For the Army Ministry for Defense, Army Department, November 1968