Profiles in Politics: Richard Cash

– By G. Miller Thompson – The 2014 GOP Primary race for one of South Carolina’s two US Senate seats is shaping up to be quite an interesting one.  The incumbent, Senator Lindsey Graham has upset many South Carolinians including Richard Cash.  In a speech Cash gave to the Pickens County Republicans, he noted “Capitalism, […]

America’s Abortion Epidemic

OPINION:  – By G. Miller Thompson – The Penal Code of the State of California (Section 597) states that “every person who overdrives, overloads, drives when overloaded, overworks, tortures, torments, deprives of necessary sustenance, drink, or shelter, cruelly beats, mutilates, or cruelly kills any animal…and whoever…subjects any animal to the needless suffering, or inflicts unnecessary […]

Edgefield Mayor Addresses Recent Concerns

Letter to the Editor September 20, 2013 Dear Edgefield, Recently, a couple of Town issues (TIF and Bow Hunting) have drawn comments in different media outlets from concerned citizens, unfortunately mostly anonymous. I very much appreciate the public concern, as each member of the Edgefield Town Council and myself need to be held accountable for […]

Rezoning Concerns

– Letter to the Editor – Dear Editor, Even though the Enova project regarding Trenton has been published in Greenville and Columbia papers, we can’t discuss the project, according to county council at this time.  But rezoning is still the hot topic. I have written to the mayors of Trenton and Johnston voicing my concern […]

The Syrian Debacle

Opinion  – By G. Miller Thompson – Bashar al-Assad is an evil man.  There is no disputing that fact.  The Syrian dictatorship has an infamous history of cruelty and disregard for those who disagree.  The opposition, however, makes up the majority in the country and they have become fed up with their government’s repression of […]

Concern Over Deer Cull in Edgefield

Letter to the Editor Dear Editor, I read in last week’s Advertiser where the Edgefield Town Council approved the return of the Little Briar Creek Archery Club to harvest deer in the town of Edgefield. This disturbs me greatly. I am totally in favor of bow hunting programs to control deer numbers in towns and […]

We Will Not Forget

OPINION – By G. Miller Thompson – “These acts shatter steel, but they cannot dent the steel of American resolve.”  President George W. Bush spoke these inspirational words from Washington on September 11, 2001.  This day shook the foundations of freedom in America and around the world.  Al-Qaeda operatives posed a significant threat to the […]

Dorn Continues to Lack Leadership for District 1

OPINION – By William Smith – A little over two decades ago, W.T. (Bill) Timmerman served the Northside of Edgefield County on county council.  As he represented his district, he also looked out for Edgefield County as a whole.  As he stated, “I will represent the entire county and all of the people wherever you […]

Edgefield County Council Chairman’s Update

September 5, 2013 It’s time to update you on several issues I think you’ll find interesting. Tax Increment Finance District: Why did County Council support it on First Reading? At the meeting Tuesday, County Council approved first reading of an ordinance for the County’s participation in the Town of Edgefield’s Tax Increment Finance (TIF) District. A […]

Comments on Festival Dictum, “No Plants & Flowers”

Dear Editor: I am quite appalled at the comment in the news article [in The Edgefield Advertiser print edition by festival committee, pg. 6, 8/28] about the Heritage Festival where the statement is made that “Plants and Flowers” are not considered crafts. If this comment is made by the organizer-host of the festival I cannot […]

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