Prejudice and Political Correctness

Another terrorist bombing took place in Europe this week, with 34 dead in Brussels including several Americans. Since this is a political year, before the horror even wore off there were pronouncements that somehow this was the result of the weak foreign policy of the present administration, and somehow the party in power in the […]

Open Primaries are a Good Idea By Robert Scott

Wasn’t it an interesting Republican Presidential Primary last Saturday? The results were in line with most predictions, with Donald Trump thumping the rest of the field. Somewhat surprising was that Senator Ted Cruz finished no higher than third place, albeit very close to fellow Cuban-American Senator Marco Rubio. Although he finished second in Edgefield County, […]

The Religious Side of Hillary Clinton By Jack Bass

The Religious Side of Hillary Clinton By Jack Bass

Hillary Clinton isn’t much given to talking about religion while on the campaign trail, but she veered off that path in Iowa in a detailed response to a voter’s question a few days before the Iowa caucuses. That insight may be of interest to South Carolina voters as focus here turns to the Democratic presidential […]

Homeowners Act Held Hostage

The State of S.C. Judiciary subcommittee has been holding a Homeowners Act hostage since 2004. There is no protective agency for homeowners and no recourse but to take them to court at great expense to the homeowner. I spoke to the subcommittee on our issues February 2015, to no avail. Some people are fortunate and […]

A Protective Eye on Private Property By Senator Shane Massey

A Protective Eye on Private Property By Senator Shane Massey

News broke last Wednesday afternoon that Kinder Morgan had donated $50,000 to Strom Thurmond High School’s athletics department. And soon thereafter, I began receiving emails, text messages, and phone calls expressing concern about the substantial gift. As a refresher, Kinder Morgan is North America’s largest energy infrastructure company. It owns or operates more than 84,000 […]

Letter to the Editor: Regarding Kinder Morgan at STHS

Redo. This is an opportunity for redemption I offer my students when they perform poorly on a test because I believe in second chances. Last Wednesday afternoon, the students of Strom Thurmond High School were called out of their class to a hastily organized assembly (pep rally). We were given 48 hours notice but knew […]

“I was a Stranger, and you took me in.” by Robert Scott

It is not very often that our Edgefield County Council is asked to weigh in on foreign policy. It happened last week. As the regular meeting concluded on January 5th, a citizen rose to address possible refugee resettlement. Will our County Council, as other County Councils have done, pass a Resolution against refugee resettlement here […]

Religion and our American Founding Fathers by Robert Scott

There has been a lot of talk lately about the prospect of denying Syrian refugees entry to the United States, but only if they are Muslim. Christians would be allowed in, or so some politicians in and out of office have argued. One Presidential candidate recently went so far as to say that, in his […]

The Second Amendment and the Terrorist Watch List

by Robert Scott As we head into the political year 2016, we are certain to hear about many subjects; here are two of them. One will be called (depending on who is doing the speaking) either Sensible Gun Control (the speaker is a Liberal), or Second Amendment Rights (Conservative). The other will be called either […]

Letters to the Editor

Poetry Floats My Boat Dear Editor: I’m so very pleased and proud that the “Poetry Floats My Boat” float in the Edgefield Christmas Parade was given first place as Most Original Float! Thank you to the judges for this great honor! Many, many thanks to everybody on and off the Poet Laureate Committee who helped […]

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