Immigration and Homeland Security Funding

Opinion  – By Robert Scott – This past week the biggest political news story was the battle between Republicans and Democrats in Washington over funding the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The arguments seem to boil down to this. From Republicans: President Obama has usurped powers reserved for Congress in the United States Constitution, in […]

Clemson University, Winthrop University, and Tillman Hall

Opinion  – By Robert Scott – Our County, Edgefield, really is the heart of South Carolina, with Ten Governors and roots reaching back to colonial days. Many of our ten governors were household names not only in South Carolina but across the nation. One of those was Benjamin Ryan Tillman: planter, politician, Governor, and Senator. […]

Want to Offer B&B to NWTF Visitors? Beth Thornton Tells Us How

Dear Editor: The NWTF has stirred up interest, speculation, rumor, concern, and excitement with its new initiatives, the Palmetto Shooting Center and the Hunting Heritage Outdoor Education Center. I’ve been particularly concerned about lodging for all the people who will be coming here as a result and that led me to do a little research […]

State Funding for Public Universities – Academics and Football

Opinion  – By Robert Scott – There were two interesting developments this week in our annual Legislative Session. They were reported on two different days, and certainly were not meant to be read together. Between the two, they demonstrate where we as a state seem to value our Public Colleges and Universities: their value as […]

The Loudest Hole in Golf

– By Kenneth Kaltz – The golf world has been mocked for decades for being too slow, too boring, and mostly, too quiet. Young people turn their noses up to the thought of watching someone chase a little white ball around a field for hours at a time. Quite frankly, I can’t blame them. For […]

Roads, Bridges, and the Price of Gasoline

Opinion  – By Robert Scott – This column a few months ago addressed how our highway infrastructure is presently funded: almost entirely by the highway fuel tax. Our state highway tax is 16.75 cents a gallon, where it has been stuck since 1989. With gasoline prices at the pump now near a 5-year low, Governor […]

The End.

Opinion  – By G. Miller Thompson – Sixteen months ago, just weeks before my nineteenth birthday, I emailed the editor of the Edgefield Advertiser and asked if she would be interested in publishing some thoughts from a young conservative. I had a lot to say and wanted a platform from which to say it. The […]

“Meriwether or Merriwether”

Letter to the Editor Dear Editor: This is a belated response to your article “Meriwether or Merriwether” about the town of Meriwether, which I appreciated.  My name is Rebecca Meriwether; my grandfather was Dr. Robert Lee Meriwether, Chairman of the History Department at the University of South Carolina, and author of the Expansion of South […]

Freedom of Speech and Political Correctness

Opinion  – By Robert Scott – There have been several articles in the papers recently, about Political Correctness (PC) and Freedom of Speech. Those are two related but distinct concepts; recent events make it worthwhile to write about both. All of us were appalled by the recent murders in Paris and elsewhere, allegedly spurred by […]

Diversity: Is it Only Skin Deep?

Opinion  – By G. Miller Thompson – On Monday we celebrated the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. I am a fan of Dr. King. His public life and work in the Civil Rights Movement are inspirational. Dr. King epitomized the greatness of our country. He recognized the horrific injustice in race relations during his […]

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