College Tuition, Student Loans, and Sticker Shock Revisited

Opnion  – By Robert Scott – As was the case last summer, I’m writing this week from a meeting of the American Association of University Professors, this time hosted by Denver University and funded by the professors themselves. And as was the case last year, one of the biggest issues under discussion is the “sticker […]

Time for a Breather

Opinion  – By Robert Scott – My wife Carol and I attended the quarterly “Convocation Meeting” of all our regional churches from Aiken County to Abbeville County this past Sunday afternoon. One of the Deacons representing Bishop Andrew Waldo in Columbia said that her head was still spinning from all the events of the past […]

Problem With Neighborhood Dogs

Letter to the Editor Dear Editor: I just moved out of the County where I lived for 16 years.  Have become weary of constantly having to call animal control about neighbor dogs coming in my yard, barking at me, pooping all over right next to my house; neighbors with 5 large dogs out in the road, […]

The Unfinished Work Remaining in Our Capital

Opinion – By Brian McCracken – I am a white, middle-class South Carolinian male raised and instilled with Republican values, and I support taking down the Confederate flag flying in front of the South Carolina State House. I am a former Civil War reenactor, an avid lover of history who can name each successive battle, […]

Flags, Monuments, Change, and Optimism

Opinion  – By Robert Scott – This week’s news throughout the state will doubtless be dominated by discussions regarding the Confederate Battle Flag on the grounds of the State House, as well it should. By the time you read this issue of The Edgefield Advertiser, the issue may very well have been settled, and change […]

What A Week!

Opinion  – By Robert Scott – Last week was one which inspired vastly different reactions among different people, but all seem to agree on one thing: change is coming, disruptive change, for better or for worse. The question we need to ask now is not how can we prevent such change, but rather how can […]

Saving the Adams Warehouse

Opinion – By Tonya Guy – A group of concerned citizens have recently become aware of the fact that a beautifully built, two-story warehouse, with 16-inch thick brick walls and 20,000 square feet of usable space, located within the confines of the Edgefield Historic District, is about to be torn down and lost forever (to […]

The Confederate Flag

Opinion  – By Robert Scott – I’ve been writing OpEd columns for The Edgefield Advertiser for a little over a year now, covering many subjects generally from a more liberal viewpoint than you might find in other area newspapers. I wrote one last October about the Confederate flag and the heritage we all have here […]

“Why Do You Have So Many Guns?”

– By Samuel Northrop – As someone who was born and raised in an environment that embraced gun culture, I still cannot understand why so many people are resisting restrictions on guns, and much of the international community agrees. I have spent the last six months living and working in Germany, and in my time […]

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