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OPINION – By Ben Homeyer – The deficit in Washington is growing—and I’m not speaking about our nation’s floundering finances. The trust-deficit between Americans and policymakers is distressingly large—with only 19 percent of Americans, according to an October Pew poll, who say that they have faith that the government will do what is right just […]

Hope for the Holidays

Dear Editor, This year in South Carolina it is estimated that 27,260 people will be diagnosed with cancer. For them, the cuts to cancer research that took place as a result of the sequester are very real. Because of these cuts, 1,000 fewer people were able to enroll in potentially lifesaving clinical trials this past […]

Meriwether or Merriwether? Curryton or Curry Town?

 – By Vernon Miller – In recent years there has been a trend to spell “Meriwether” with double R’s. This erroneous way of spelling Meriwether does not give the prominent family for which the community was named proper honor. This family has given us such illustrious men as Thomas Meriwether, Capt. Robert Meriwether, Dr. Nicholas […]

Profiles in Politics: Nancy Mace

– By G. Miller Thompson – Part four in the series of Profiles in Politics features Charleston native and 2014 US Senate hopeful Nancy Mace.  Mace’s campaign website describes the candidate as “an accomplished businesswoman, Citadel graduate, proud South Carolinian and most importantly to her—a wife and mother.”  Mace is one of the first female […]

Doing More to Prevent Domestic Violence

– By Connie Stillinger – On October 29, 2013 Bryan Sweatt entered the home of his former girlfriend in Greenwood county, S.C. and shot her, their infant child and three others to death before killing himself with the same handgun. Their murders brought the number of domestic violence deaths in South Carolina for this year […]

It’s On Us

 OPINION – By G. Miller Thompson – “The hour is late, and the need is urgent.  The eternal destiny of many souls—and the future of our great nation—are at stake.  Pray that we will turn from our wicked ways and that God will heal our land.”  -Dr. Billy Graham As part of Billy Graham’s 95th […]

A Diamond in the Rough

 – By G. Miller Thompson – America’s youth have an extremely twisted and warped perspective of what constitutes a hero.  We live in a society in which pop music stars like Miley Cyrus, Lil Wayne, and the like actively poison the minds of our children who blindly consume the trash these individuals put out under […]

Home Rule – Flow Control

 – By Margaret C. Pope – On March 7, 1973, the Home Rule Amendments to the South Carolina Constitution became effective, and with such passage, local government devolved from the State House to the county seats and town halls—thus, the primary functions of government became local again. No longer were counties solely and strictly limited […]

Humane Treatment of Animals in Edgefield County

Edgefield County Council Chairman’s Update November 1, 2013 In this month’s update, I want to provide information on the upcoming discussion on an animal shelter and an ordinance on spay and neuter opportunities for low-income citizens. Both are part of a package to ensure we can treat animals more humanely with the help of citizens […]

A Message of Caution from the Edgefield Co. Probate Court

Letter to the Editor Dear Editor: It has come to the Court’s attention that a scam may be circulating under the guise that it is associated with the Probate Court. Apparently, someone is making telephone calls to those who have recently lost a family member. The caller represents themselves as being with the South Carolina […]

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